Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aberdeen County Fair, Scottish Wool Spinner, and Coffee Shops

Today it has snowed off and on. It's beautiful. It makes the pavement really slushy and not fun to walk on, but pretty. Some of it was on the ground this morning, mostly across the street where everything stays shaded most of the day.

We started our day down the street at the Tree House Coffee Shop. I had green pea and ham soup, which was lovely! The mocha was also one of the best I've had. Steve had a ham and onion chutney toastie (toasted sandwich). He said it was really good and loved the chutney. Chutney... basically... fruit or veggie relish.

It's so fun to sit at a coffee shop with good food and hot drinks on a cold day as you stare at buildings built in the early 1900's, or before then, trying to imagine what it was at that time. :)

After lunch we bundled up and walked to the Aberdeen County Fair. It's worth going. It's basically a farmer's market/trades day type of thing.

Here we are! It's down that street!
They had (most local, but not all):

  • Fish monger 
  • Vegetables 
  • Jewelery
  • Christmas decor
  • Blankets and scarves
  • Homemade donuts
  • Hot dogs
  • Coffee
  • Whiskey
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Home decor
We stopped at one tent where they were making the donuts. We got a donut and 2 hot dogs (because you have to have a hot dog at least once when you visit another country) for about £6. The hot dogs did taste different from ones we've had in the states, but still a good hot dog. The donut was AMAZING and warm. We stood out there with one glove on and one off holding our hot dogs, freezing as it was only 2 degrees Celsius, but totally enjoying ourselves! Okay, well I was... I think Steve was just cold... but his love for food was driving him. :o)

After that we went to The Coffee House. You can see reviews on TripAdvisor. Steve had a mocha. I had hot chocolate, and we shared a brownie. Steve said the mocha was really good. The hot chocolate was decent, but I like mine a little creamier than what they made. The brownie was really good!

After warming up we walked back down the street to see if we wanted anything. Steve bought me a blanket for my birthday. It was a bit pricey, but so worth it. It's beautiful and warm. £45. We got it from Alexanders. They've been making yarn and wool items since 1818!!

We headed home full, warm, and caffeinated. One of the city areas with lights had something interesting. You know how in the US, people put deer in their yards made out of Christmas lights? Well that made sense because of Santa's reindeer. Well, this was a panther. I feel like I'm missing something...  Anybody know?

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