Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hair salon, Scottish recipes and bacon, and reason #2 why I don't bake

Today I went to a salon called Embrace (off of Leadside) to get my hair cut. The stylist was fantastic. He was so nice and did a great job with my hair. He even gave me tips on authentic Scottish foods and where to get them. He said he'd text me some recipes as well! I can't wait. He told me that I must try butteries, also known as Rowies! Here is the recipe. Sounds fantastic. He also told me that in Scotland, people typically cook some sort of roast or other meat for Sunday lunch. Then on Monday, they make meat and stovies. They make mashed potatoes and mix the leftover roast into it! Yum!

For dinner tonight I made BLT's. Bacon here is different. It's thick cut and wide, so it's more like slices of ham. I just baked it in the oven. It was good. :o)

Tomorrow I'm going to play Mahjong with the AWA ladies. They decided to make it a cookie exchange so I had to bake about 80 cookies! I told Steve to prepare himself... I'm bringing lots home! I decided to make my mom/grandma's "No Bake Cookies." They are really good, but I guess with different foods and altitudes, I had a bit of trouble. In the end, it all worked out after much laughing and Steve telling me to call my grandma! I think that's his solution to all baking disasters now. "Call your grandma and tell her you ruined it!" haha. Reason #2 why I don't bake:

The good batch after grandma came to the rescue.

The batch that tasted great but was gooey. I remelted, recooked, and reformed. Now they are just great!

This is what I needed to do AFTER making all of those cookies... Gears! Whooooo!

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