Saturday, December 8, 2012

Where to shop in Aberdeen

Once you get to Aberdeen, you may wonder, "Where do I go to buy this?" Well, here are some places that's I've found in the month or so that we've been here:

The Co-operative (They have corner stores EVERYWHERE)
Sainsbury's  (like Target or Wal-mart, they have a little of everything)
Curry's (electronics... it's like a Best Buy)
Argo's  (Home goods)
Costco (Enough said)
Asda (home goods and groceries that you can have delivered!)
Tesco (also like a Target but delivers groceries to your home!)

Want something more like a mall?
Bon Accord Shopping Centre
Trinity Centre

For some good local items, check out Rosemount St. where you can find a butcher, cheesemonger, fishmonger, delis, cafes, bakers, and lots of wool/yarn shops!

Today we went to Curry's to get my birthday gift! I'm very excited. We've spent several hours downloading Skyrim, and it looks like it's finally ready for me to play! Hence, the short (but hopefully helpful) post! :o)

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