Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's a bacon roll?

Yesterday began way too early. It was 7:30 AM, and I had only slept about 2.5 hours thanks to my nonstop coughing. Great. I sat up, saw Steve putting on shoes and said, "What time is it? Are the movers here?" He said, "It's 7:30, and yes they are here." I asked, "Why didn't you wake me up?" Steve hesitated like I might bite him, "I felt bad for you." He's such a sweet guy.

We got everything sorted out with the furniture rental place, and they took all of the stuff back. Our house was empty, we were hungry, and we didn't even have a glass with which to get a drink of water. So, we walked to The Tree House. They had a sign that said "Bacon roll and coffee - £5." I asked the girl at the till, "What's a bacon roll?" I was picturing a buttery crescent roll with a flaky crust rolled around sparkling, crispy bacon. She looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Well, it's a roll... with bacon." Thank you Captain Obvious. I decided to just go with it. "I'll have that."

Latte first though. Isn't it pretty? Coffee is already so comforting... but add a heart in the middle... that just screams, "Don't worry. I love you."

So what is a bacon roll? Not exactly what I had imagined.

It's a hamburger bun, with thick, salty bacon. I was hungry. It was good.

After breakfast, we met the second moving company. They moved all of our boxes in and put together any furniture that was taken apart by Texas movers. Our house was covered with boxes.

The dogs really want out.. hehe

We spent the entire day and late into the night unpacking. The dogs made themselves very useful.

When we were ready to sit down for dinner and some TV to relax, we realized that what Steve had found on the internet about our TV being compatible here was inaccurate, so during his run to the pharmacy to get me some cough meds, he stopped to pick up a transformer. Dinner? Chinese delivery. Steve pulled everything out of the bag and said, "See? I can make dinner."  haha

Last night I finally got to sleep after cough syrup and two cough drops. This cough is terrible! I slept a good part of the day because I was miserable. I took the dogs out to play in the garden when I got up. It seemed to make Frog feel better because he went to the bathroom, which hasn't been happening much, as I mentioned in a previous blog. My friend, Kristy, said that her dog had similar symptoms when they moved to Colorado, so maybe it's all be stress and anxiety causing Frog's symptoms as well. Anyway, I talked with one of my good friends, Kat today, and I found out that my great grandma is stable for now. I spent the rest of the day unpacking, and Steve helped me put one of the beds together this evening. Two rooms down. I took Angel for a run to Steve's office again tonight. I was hoping the run would help to get things in my lungs moving so that I can get over this cough. I coughed ONCE while running. As soon as I stopped to walk with Steve back home, I kept coughing. I felt like Forest Gump as I thought, "Well, if I stop coughing when I run, I guess I should just keep running!"

Upstairs guest room

Our room! Yay!
It's beginning to look and feel like home now.

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