Monday, December 10, 2012


One thing that is hard to adjust to when learning to drive on the opposite side of the road, is the placement of road signs. Speed limit signs are small circles that I've often seen nailed to trees. Street signs are not lit up, nor do they have any reflection, and they are placed in very convenient places (insert sarcasm). For example, they may be on the side of a building so that in order to see it you have to pass the building and turn around to look, or pass a building that is blocking it, which by then, you have missed your turn. Or, they may be practically on the ground, and thus, you cannot see it due to other cars, people, trash cans, or plants. Oh, and if the sun is behind the building where the sign is located, forget about it. Either take a chance and just turn, or keep going knowing that you MAY be able to read it as you pass. :o)   haha

Today I took the dogs for a nice long walk, coughing all the way... It was colder than I thought, and I found out about halfway into the walk that things were icy. Oops! I should have worn these!

The dogs love their walks. They are still wearing their coats because they shiver all the time. No natural winter coat yet. :)
I'm really worried about Frog. He only weighs about 23 lbs now. He's lost a lot of weight. His spine is showing and his ribs are sticking out more than usual. I've only seen him potty once in the past 3 days for sure. It may be longer since he's gone. He eats like a pig, plays, goes on walks, and seems otherwise normal. I can't figure it out. I'm going to call a vet tomorrow. I'm getting really worried. Has anybody else experienced something like this? Any advice? I've tried the canned pumpkin thing for the last 2 days. No movement of the bowels. I've also increased fiber in his diet by adding bran and increased his exercise as much as he'll allow (he's lazy).

On another note, my great grandma is also very sick. She is going to be moved into assisted care. I found out about this about 3 days after talking to her on the phone. She never mentioned feeling bad, and there I was talking about how excited I was to be here in Scotland. I felt terrible, and then I got this from my aunt Leslin after she went to visit mammaw: "Kristal, she did mention how great it was to talk to you and she was so excited to hear how excited you were and she wished Stephen and you the best of luck there! as we all do." I'm not sure she knows what it meant for me to hear that.

On top of being sick myself, it's been a heavy passing of days.


  1. Sorry things have not been going well. Riley had some of the same issues Frog is having when we moved. I think it was mostly anxiety and adjusting to a new climate and home. Hopefully it isn't anything serious and he'll get back to normal soon. Also sorry to hear about your great-grandmother. Will definitely be keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

    1. Thanks so much Kristy. I feel better about things, simply because you took the time to write. :) We are praying for that daughter of yours to make her appearance soon. :o)


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