Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can you guess the pizza?

Lots of things vary across countries. One of the things that can sometimes trip you is the name of a product, especially if it turns out to be different from what your home country would label as that product. For example, the pizza above. I've cropped the name out but left the list of ingredients. Can you guess what this pizza is called here in Scotland? No cheating with Google searches! I'll post the full picture tomorrow night... unless none of you guess it correctly. Then, I'll make you suffer in anticipation.  ;)

Moving on. I took Frog to the vet this morning. It's about a 1.2 mile walk. Then, Angel and I walked home. At 3:00 PM, I walked back to get Frog. All in all, I walked about 5 miles today. :) All of his tests were normal except his protein levels. The vet thinks he may have a urinary infection. We are waiting for lab results. She told me that Frog did very well and received lots of snuggles. I told her, "Yeah, he's pretty good at getting snuggles from people."


  1. I would say cheese pizza. Guessing it must be something weird though... Supreme?

  2. It is a Margherita pizza! I always thought margherita pizza had sliced tomatoes and basil at a minimum. Here it's just a cheese pizza. :o) Fooled me.

  3. I was thinking it could be that! Yes, I've always seen tomatoes and basil too.


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