Saturday, March 30, 2013

Castles and Walks Near Aberdeen

There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.
-Sir Rannulph Fiennes-

People in Aberdeen quote this often. I think it's a good motto to remember. Don't let rain, sleet, or a little snow keep you from getting outside of your house, especially in Scotland because if that's the case, you'll only get out and about a few times a year. There are often things close to home if you just do some exploring. For example, if you head down the A93 from Aberdeen there are several great places to visit. Here are just a few of the many:

Angel is in the back and ready to go! If you have a hatchback or SUV, I highly recommend a trunk cover for your dogs to ride. It's waterproof and keeps your car clean.
 Drum Castle
Drum Castle. You will need change to pay for parking.

Another view of Drum Castle. There are also plenty of paths to walk around the grounds. Dogs are allowed on those.

There were lots of bunnies carved in the snow for Easter!
 Crathes Castle
Crathes Castle

The gardens surrounding Crathes Castle have very interesting designs. It makes for a nice walk!
 Scolty Hill in Banchory
I recommend visiting Scolty Hill both with and without the snow. The snow makes everything look so different! It's like you are walking in a different place.

Jessica and I really would have liked to have some walking poles. Angel didn't seem to mind. She ran and jumped all through the snow.

We stopped for a photo break near the top.

You can see the tower WAY up there.

We still had quite a way to go after our break, and that hill was steep, especially so in the snow!
The view of the Cairngorm Mountains from the top was breathtaking.

Even with the snow on the ground, we had to take off our hats and gloves and unzip our jackets. You get pretty warm walking up the hill. Parking at Scolty Hill costs about £2 so make sure to bring some change. From the A96, turn left on Dee Street past King George V Park and cross over the river. After crossing over the river, you'll curve around and just after the curve there will be a road off to your right that involves a sharp turn in the opposite direction. Follow that one track road until you see the sign on the right for the Scolty Hill Walks. Watch out for the giant holes in the road.

Moving on to today. Today, Pam and I took a trip to Steptoes Yard. She has never been so I navigated! I found two more tea cups and saucers to have a set of six at home. I also found a few books that were printed in the early 1900s: Chaucer's Tales, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and The Real Robert Burns. I thought those old books would be great to display on my new secretary desk, and they are great finds in general! Also, while I was digging around, I found a picture of a guy holding up a shield that looks just like one that I bought! Check it out!
They have such interesting things there! After paying, Pam and I decided to drive into Montrose for some lunch and coffee. We really got lucky because they were having some type of international festival with food booths! One booth was advertising kangaroo burgers. I decided to pass on that one. Has anybody ever eaten kangaroo? It made me feel curious, conflicted, disgusted (sounds gross), and sad to think about eating one. Maybe in Australia it's like eating a deer? Anybody know? Anyway, we went straight for the German Barbecue booth for bratwursts and potatoes! MMMmmmmm. Yes, it was yummy. I think the mustard had some horseradish in it, which I decided was pretty tasty! Two bratwursts and a heaping container of potatoes (shared because it was HUGE) for £12.


  1. Love the castles! Looks like some nice places to walk!

  2. Kangaroo is great, actually! Those booths travel around a lot, I've eaten from them in many towns in Scotland (ha!)


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