Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"My house smells like a giant oyster threw up sea water in it."

The sleet here looks like salt crystals. Today was one of those wintry mix days where it rained, snowed, and sleeted. We are continuing to get cold, windy days with mixed types of precipitation. It's odd to see something like that and still see flowers blooming everywhere! Speaking of flowers, this week I decided to go with pink roses. Again, just grabbed the clearance stuff. They don't have to be perfect to be beautiful to me. :o)

Anyway, tonight I made steamed mussels for dinner. I got them fresh from the fishmonger today. Wherever she got those things, it must have been one 'hella' salty bay. My house smells like a giant oyster threw up sea water in it. Steve said it smelled like salt and feet. HAHA. It was so strange. They smelled so terrible, but they still tasted really good! I made sure that every mussel was closed, scrubbed, and de-bearded before steaming, and I removed all mussels that didn't open after steaming. So.... why the heck did it smell so bad?? Is that just the price of cooking really fresh seafood in your house? Anybody?

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