Friday, March 22, 2013

Dunnotar Castle and Steptoes Yard

After Mahjong today, Jessica and I decided to take Flat Stanley to Dunnotar Castle, despite the weather. We could barely walk straight down the path because the wind was so fierce. The waves were pounding the rocks and cliffs and the sleet was pounding our faces. All we could do was laugh. I struggled to pull out the little paper Flat Stanley while Jessica got the camera ready. I told her that we had to be really careful because I did not want to have to tell my little cousin that Flat Stanley took a dive into the North Sea to never return.

I think we got a pretty good picture considering the odds we were against. :)

We were FREEZING... The sleet was pelting us in the face while we took this... haha

Don't blow away Jessica!

Dunnotar Castle is stunning even in bad weather. You can see the waves crashing below!
After taking a few more pictures, we stumbled back to the car (did I mention the wind?). Then, we decided to have a look around Steptoes Yard in St. Cyrus. It's a giant junk yard/market with tons of stuff littered around the yard outside and crammed onto shelves floor to ceiling inside various buildings. There is no heating so dress warm! They also only take cash. Yes, you do want to go here. This is a treasure trove of goodies at bargain (and haggled) prices. We only had about 2 hours to spend there, but I think we could have spent ALL DAY looking through everything. It was so cool. Totally going back. My Grandma Nelson would love this place!

Doesn't look like much from the entrance...

Jessica is digging for goodies!

This was just one aisle of many

Great stand that I got for £25! I have a tree theme in my living room. I was so excited to find it.

The tea sets were so cute there! I mixed and matched. :o)

The drive home was pretty. I really like the rolling hills here. We even saw some geese...they hissed at us.


  1. I can NOT believe you bought that tree stand. I had that in my hand for awhile at one point during our visit!

    1. Oh my goodness! How funny is that? It must have been destined to come home with me. :o)

  2. Your tree stand would look nice with some squirrels on it. :-)


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