Thursday, March 21, 2013

House of Farnell - Schoolhouse turned shop and cafe twice a year

 "However in December 1999 I rented the Village Hall in Farnell and that was the start of House of Farnell. The next year we opened for Christmas 2000 in the School, and we have been there ever since. The School was built in 1600 and after it closed as a school it was used for repairing vintage cars. It is a lovely building with a lot of atmosphere."
-Paula and Hans Nissen-

The House of Farnell is a cute little shop and tea room set up in this old school house. It's only open twice a year: 1 month during Spring and Winter each. It's located in Brechin, Scotland. It's worth a trip with friends for a little shopping and lunch. They accept cash or cards for payment. The atmosphere is so nice and the sandwiches are yummy! I had a mozzarella, basil pesto, and avocado toastie. The bread was really good!

I had a wonderful time with the ladies, and I even found some really cute things for my house! Plan to spend no less than £50 if you go here for some shopping, and after you pay do yourself a favor... just stop looking around. It's too dangerous.

Going home with the loot!

My new flag pillow! £21

Cute new concrete homes for my herbs! £6 each. Teresa told me that in Scotland you need to line the bottom of your pots with small rocks/pebbles before adding your soil to avoid root rot. Done!

The owner had lanterns (£26) around the store with stuff in them. I thought, 'What a great idea, especially since Steve and I collect rocks and shells.' So, I bought one and added some of our collection to it. What do you think?



  1. We add rocks or broken tile/pots before the soil in Texas, too. LOL

    Kelly had some lanterns decorating her reception. Making them a display case is terrific!

  2. Hi Kristal, What a lovely review of House of Farnell. I really like your pictures and yur comments. Its such a pleasure to sell something to customer who do know to appreciate and use it. Thank you so much.
    Kind regards Paula


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