Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mud, snow, and 5 things about me!

Dogs are miracles with paws.
-Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy-

They are also like walking stamps. God bless them for being cute, because otherwise they'd be in big trouble. I turned around after closing the door and thought, 'AAAHHHH NOOOO!' I tried to grab them, and of course they ran making more tracks and smearing others. The good thing about mud is that it cleans up from tiles pretty easily. I would like to extend a big 'thank you' to Swiffer.

Moving on. The rain and snow is back in Aberdeen. The snow that was on the ground is melting, but I still got pelted with sleet while walking my friend's dog (my friend has the flu... no fun). More is moving into Aberdeen.
From BBC Weather:
  • This Evening and Tonight

    Wintry showers turning increasingly to snow early tonight and becoming more frequent and heavier. Stonehaven and Banchory will have clear spells with fewer showers. Cold with a widespread frost.
Just for Fun:

It seems that I've inadvertently been tagged to do something the day I began reading Mary's blog. :o) I like to be a good sport, so here it goes... 5 little things about me:

(1) I am a lucid dreamer. I usually remember 2-3 dreams each night and can often control many things within them. My favorite dreams are dreams about zombies (see number 3), having super powers, and dreams about flying. My least favorite dreams are those about tornadoes or about trying to run from something but it feels like I'm running in slow motion down an interminable hallway. It's so sloooooowww and frustrating.

(2) I'm both confident and anxious in social situations. I know who I am and accept who I am, but it bothers me that others may not or that I might say something stupid that hurts somebody's feelings.

(3) I am a gamer. I enjoy spending my time playing my XBOX. I even have an earpiece with a microphone so that I can play online.... and I will destroy you. ;)

(4) I get really excited about new appliances and yummy food. I even have what Steve calls my "happy food dance" which occurs when I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

(5) I have a huge and growing collection of shot glasses from places we or friends visited and a growing collection of rocks (good thing I married a geologist). I've been picking up rocks from places I've visited since I was a kid, and I still have them all.

So there you have it. Now you get to tell the world about you! Either post it in the comments (anybody without a blog or who doesn't want to put it in their blog) or post a link in the comments! You've been tagged Laine, Christi, Jill, and Jessica!


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  1. I remember my dreams too! It's crazy. I can even remember when they switch from one dream to another. I've heard that means I don't get sound sleep. I believe it. I'm always tired!

    I'm always worrying about saying something to upset someone. Especially as an expat it is easy to do. I try to stay a little more quiet but it isn't quite my personality.


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