Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Surpressing the Hulk inside of me

Today was one of those days where I got to practice my patience. Ever have those? I had been cleaning the floors for about 40 minutes. Seriously, I was sweating. Vacuum... vacuum.. unplug... plug... pick up and carry downstairs... plug in.. vacuum... move dogs...'No! Away from the vacuum! (as Frog tries to bite at it)... it was like that. I let the dogs out thinking, 'Now I can get this done without them dragging stuff around and getting in my way.' WRONG. I opened the door to let them inside the house and quickly learned that they had both spent their time outside in the "mud garden" trying to eat the oyster shells that I threw out.

Muddy paw prints were all over the kitchen and living room floor! Angel had brought in an oyster shell. "Drop it!" I yelled without thinking, and she did. It was full of dirt, and that dirt went all over the floor. I took a deep breath, pulled out the vacuum again, and started to clean up the mess. About halfway through I noticed that I was getting nowhere. Why? Because they had packed dirt into their paws. I stopped the vacuum, grabbed a wet cloth, and started to clean their paws. Unsuccessful. Yep, they were pulling away and smearing more mud across the floor. I gave up. I picked both dogs up and put them in the bath tub, which meant of course, that now I had to also clean the bathtub... again. I tried to calmly pet them to assure them that everything was okay. I washed and dried their feet. I cleaned the tub, and went back to cleaning the floors...again. What I really wanted to do was scream and smash the floor like the Hulk, snap that vacuum in half, and then run outside to chuck all those oyster shells so far that they'd sink to the bottom of the North Sea!

Don't worry. Kung Fu adequately worked that out of me. 15 extra push-ups for people moving around and extra time spent down in several squats for our apparent inability to squat low enough. I usually try to sing songs in my head to ignore the pain. Tonight I sang, "Wheel in the Sky" by Journey. I am going to have some legs of steel if this keeps up. Although, that doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Steve and I decided we deserved a drink tonight, but we were also really tired. Solution? Highland coffee. This yummy drink has mixed malt whiskey, soft brown sugar, and hot black coffee with whipped double cream floating on top.

Am I wide awake now? Nope. It's a good after-dinner drink to have after a tough workout day or after some comfort food. I think the cream and whiskey probably help a little to cancel out the caffeine. :o)

Just for Fun:

I'd like to thank the crew that picks up my recycling every other week. They so graciously sort everything for us at the truck and will put little stickers on our bins reminding us if we put something in there that they don't accept. Also, all of the noise from them throwing glass bottles into the truck serves as an excellent back-up alarm if I have overslept. Good job Aberdeen Recycling! You are appreciated.


  1. Cleaning floors with two dogs in the house is seriously pointless. I vacuum and vacuum all week long, but it seems like the floors are never clean. Ugh, the bane of my existence, I'm telling you!

  2. Yep, recycling at 7am. On the dot. Every other week. But not to worry, on the off weeks, the trash gets picked up at 7am. On the dot.


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