Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dog vs. Snowman and a tip to curve those winter blues

It has been snowing off and on here today. I love the snow; it's so pretty.  It does make walking the dogs a bit difficult. You have to use different muscles to walk in the snow than on dry ground.

Funny story.

My dog, Angel, is afraid of snowmen. hehe. We were walking in the park today, and as we came near a very large snowman that somebody had built, she froze. Then, she took off like a rabbit but hit the brakes as she came within 10 feet of the great snow beast. She started barking and circling wildly. With the way she was standing and shaking, it reminded me of those cartoon cats that arch their backs, hiss, and hop up and down with stiff legs. Circling continued. Then, perhaps she decided to challenge the snowman. She started kicking her back legs aggressively through the snow like a bull about to charge. Her friend Eddie (another French Bulldog) was running around confused and seemingly unsure of whether he should bark, run, or attack an unseen threat. Eddie kept looking at Angel and then the snowman, but didn't come to the same conclusion that the snowman was evil. After about 2 minutes, Angel decided to walk away. Did she win, or was she conquered? Who knows?  What I do know is that the second time we walked by the snowman, I had my camera ready to take a video, and that goofy dog acted like nothing was amiss. I circled the snowman and even kicked it. She just followed me around the snowman like it wasn't even there. Darn! It would have been so fun to have that on video. Next time, folks. Dog vs Snowman. Who's the alpha? I'll let you decide. :o)

Moving on. I hear many people complaining about the sunless days and the cold here. It puts them in a "funk" leaving them sort of tired, depressed, and unmotivated. I have learned this week that one of the things that cheers me up and gives me energy is the presence of fresh flowers in the house. You can buy cheap ones at the grocery store. Sit them somewhere so that you can smell them as you drink your tea/coffee or read a book. If you can't have the sunny days of spring as soon as you'd like, maybe smelling them and having a tiny bit of it will cheer you up. :o)

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