Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unfamilier fish at the fishmonger - What is that fish fillet?

Since we moved here, I have seen some fish that I recognize at the fishmonger, but others that I don't. For example, they have salmon, sea bass, and sea trout, which I know. (Info from

Fillet photos from:

Sea Bass


Sea Trout

Here are a couple of fish that I didn't recognize. Perhaps you'll learn something as well. :o)

Lemon Sole
These are typically white fillets in the market.
I really didn't even know much about haddock, and it's a big deal here in Aberdeen. Smoked haddock is pretty popular. Avoid the orange/yellow fillets. They were most likely dyed... probably had some liquid smoke type stuff applied. Properly smoked haddock should just have a sort of yellow hue. Fold here like it in soups, such as the staple here: Cullen Skink (creamy soup made with smoked haddock, potatoes, and onions.). A man at the grocery store said that at his house they serve smoked haddock pan-seared with a fried egg on top. Steve and I tried it, and it was pretty good!

This is pretty orange. It looks dyed to me...don't know about this one. :)
 As I was looking in the window of the fishmonger's shop, an elderly woman walked up and started talking to me about the fish. She explained that one was called a "kipper." I had to look it up online! Apparently, a "kipper" is an Atlantic Herring that has been gutted, butterfly split, and then smoked.




  1. Have you heard of, or tried, an Arbroath Smokie yet...?

  2. Can't go wrong with a fried egg on top! :-)


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