Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"All I know since yesterday is everything has changed"

I'll give Taylor Swift some props, she keeps it classy and knows what she's talking about. I know my circumstances aren't the same, but as I was listening to this song, I thought, 'How true is that line for the EXPAT life?'

"All I knew this morning when I woke
Is I know something now, know something now I didn't before..."

Yep, I feel that often. I'm always meeting new people or learning something new, especially in a new country! 

"All I know since yesterday is everything has changed."

One day I'm hanging out with a good friend like any other day, the next day I'm hugging her goodbye. Then, the next day I'm hugging somebody to say hello. Every day can be so different. What a blessed life to be able to meet so many people and to learn so much about yourself in the process. Well, I went all philosophical on you, didn't I?

Moving on. We had a beautiful day today at Crathes. We carpooled to get there. We walked about 4 miles with the AWA Walkabout group. If you want to walk the trails around Crathes, it seems like the best place to park is at Milton of Crathes (FOR FREE). From there you can walk under the bridge to access the trails.You don't really need special shoes or to be fit. It's a great walk to take with your dogs as well!

I told Tanya to turn around for the picture, so she did AND she started running in place. She is fantastically funny.

I know what you're thinking... "Where did you find the supermodels?"  :o)


Scotland knows how to show off the goods.

We ate dinner at the restaurant at Milton of Crathes. It was good, but it was also expensive. One appetizer and an entree with water = £21! Yikes. The selection was severely limited for groups with more than 10 people. I understand why they picked this place; we paid for convenience, but I don't think I'll go back. Maybe the menu for groups with less than 10 people is cheaper. I can get food just as good or better for less...especially for lunch. That's just my opinion, which is what you get on a blog that I write.. hehe. Maybe you've been there and you loved it. That's cool. I didn't.

Just for fun:
Now, some of you may wonder, what women talk about when it's just them. Well, one of our conversations went something like this:

-Have you seen the new Miley Cyrus video.... Wrecking Ball?
-Oh my gosh! Yes. I got part of the way through it and couldn't watch her lick that sledgehammer anymore. lol
-I read the comments and somebody was mad that people were saying it's porn. This girl was saying that nobody knows what the "F" the song is really about, that it's about something really important to her, and we just don't get it.
-Okay well.. what part does licking a sledgehammer symbolize?
-I have no idea...

-Did you see the wrecking ball video? She's licking a sledgehammer.
-OMG! Really?
-Yeah, she was licking it.. and she was swinging on a wrecking ball...naked.
-Yeah.. naked.. like with the chain between her legs.. naked. 
-OMG! What is wrong with her?
-I don't know. And why is she licking so many inanimate objects? First the doll.. now a sledgehammer? All I could think about were the bits of metal that were probably flaking into her mouth...
-Yeah and she was like.. twirling her tongue around it and stuff.
-OMG! I'm going to have to look this up when I get home.

Oh man.. I love a good laugh, which is why I like to save/write down conversations. They are just too funny to forget. Also, I thought you all might enjoy this one as you probably have had or will have a similar conversation. LOL


  1. I wish I could have made it to the walk yesterday. Not only for the beautiful scenery but for the Miley gossip:) She should definitely take a hint from Taylor Swift and keep it classy.

  2. I love Taylor Swift! I saw her concert in Houston last May and because my friends and I went all out and dressed up and made light up posters, we were chosen to meet her and Ed Sheeran backstage.

    I felt cheesy doing something like that for a concert at the age of 23, but it was well worth it!

  3. I love your attitude about being an Expat!! I always felt the same way and it was a huge continual eye opening experience. I leaned much about others and myself and expanded my world so much!!! I love to laugh too and thank you for sharing funny stuff. I had my first colonoscopy today. I read a gut spitting article about it. I have to share and hope you laugh too! I wish I could write and make people laugh.. what a gift.


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