Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Joy

Steve and I started a Terminator marathon last night. Those really are great movies. It was fun to see how special effects have changed over time, which was very apparent since they made the movies so far apart (about 10 years between each of the first 3 movies). That's something I really enjoy... movies! It's so relaxing to cuddle on the couch with my husband and two dogs, who are total snuggle puppies.

Steve and I also took some time to work on organizing our winter vacation. We've decided to spend a week in Tenerife. We want a holiday all about us. We are going to sit out by the pool, go to the spa, maybe try some kayaking and rock wall climbing, and enjoy some live shows. We are going to just enjoying being us... with each other. I can't wait!

We also took a couple of walks this weekend. I'm enjoying the Fall colors. I couldn't help smiling as I looked around me. I think it's important to look around and find joy in as many things as you can. It's important to get outside and explore nature so that you can fully appreciate it.

Happens often to trees here.


I hope the views here never cease to amaze me. :o)
What brought you joy this weekend?


  1. Those are some pretty woods! I'm sure you could find some tasty mushrooms in there somewhere ;)

    1. Or some toxic ones.. hehe. Even the dogs won't try to eat them. Although, they do try to lick the slugs.

  2. God's creation is a wonderful thing to bring us Joy! I can totally see how he saw what He had made and was glad! I am too!! We enjoyed some beautiful creation in Savannah - Moss on trees is stunning!!!

  3. Hey, where is Tenerife?

  4. I've never been to Savannah!

  5. It's part of the Canary Islands that are owned by Spain and lie off the northwestern coast of Africa.


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