Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh Oh Oh! Woke up today.. feeling the way... I alwaaaays do

We saw Hairspray on stage, and it was marvelous. I highly recommend going to see it on stage. All of the guys really liked it too, so get your men-folk to join you ladies! We started with a pre-show dinner at Nargile with friends, and then we all headed to His Majesty's Theatre for the show. The costumes were lovely! The hair was FANTASTIC! The singing and acting was top notch. We laughed, sang, danced, and had a wonderful time. I think my favorite songs are "Good Morning Baltimore" and "Run and Tell That!" I wish I had thought to get a group picture of us all. We managed to snag one photo on the way out.
I could barely reach my head up to the cut out because it was so tall! We were trying to make "You are trouble" faces at each other.. hehe
Moving on. Today, I woke up to.. FALL! With the chilly weather came the falling of leaves. In Texas you don't see much of a change in leaves, at least not with such bright colors as in places with seasons. I may try to go on a walk tomorrow somewhere to see if I can get some good pictures! Here are a couple from my walk around town today. I did not alter the colors. I only enhanced them so that the photo accurately displays what I was seeing. Beautiful colors, aren't they?

What is your favorite Hairspray song?

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  1. You Can't Stop the Beat is classic- always makes me break into song no matter where we are :)


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