Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interesting finds in Aberdeen

I love some of the interesting foods I find here in Aberdeen. For example, yesterday I found venison sausage with cranberry, and it was yummy! I love that you can find venison on the shelf right next to the chicken! You can get duck, turkey, beef, pork, chicken, scallops, fishes, and meat alternatives all in one store! How cool is that?

I also find the new types of mushrooms growing here very interesting! The other day, I smelled something really musky and putrid outside my house. After investigating, I discovered that it was coming from some large brown mushrooms. I grabbed the pooper scooper to just knock them over and put them in the compost bin. MAN! When I scraped away the tops, underneath was black sludge... it was.. rot.. and death and horrible smells and maggots. I think Hexxus escaped FernGully. That was some nasty stuff. I scooped it up, rocks too, and threw it all in the bin. YUCK! Now the smell is gone. I've never seen anything like it. On a more pleasant note, sometimes you see much prettier ones:

Isn't it cute?

Anyway, when I'm not hunting for interesting foods and fungus, I'm still going to Kung Fu and working on that Couch to 5k podcast. Angel is my 5k training buddy. She's a champ. If I slow down, she starts pulling me. I tie the leash around my waist because we run in town (also because she's faster than me). Kung Fu is going well. I've finished learning my first form and may be ready for my first belt test! How exciting is that? Who would have guessed that a girl with brittle bones would be testing for a belt in Kung Fu? Of course, it doesn't always come easy. Don't worry Mom, I'm fine. :o)

From blocking kicks
Working out those bruises was extremely painful! I've learned, since beginning martial arts training, that you have to "work out" bruises. You need to bring them to the surface and push out any clots. It hurts, but they heal faster. We use an ointment to help with that.


  1. I am extremely impressed with your variety! The turkey, chicken, and beef giant wall at Kroger gets old :)
    "Working bruises" sounds terribly painful! Do you do that yourself, or do you have some help?

    1. Oh Kroger... old friend. And Nolan Ryan beef.. mmmm. Yeah, sometimes in the grocery store, if I have time, I'll just wonder around looking at everything on the shelves. They even sell ready to eat pancakes, and they are next to the bread in a plastic bag.

      I work out the bruises myself, or my husband does it for me if it's in an awkward place that I can't reach with both hands, such as one of my arms or a calf muscle. It does really hurt sometimes, but instead of a 2-3 week healing time, they will sometimes go away within a few days!

    2. That's absolutely incredible, I've never heard of anything like that before. And growing up in a house where all of us were always running to different sports practices and games, I find it extra incredible. I'm glad that you've found a way to minimize the hobble, they certainly do look painful!

  2. Ewwww mushroom! While reading your description I totally heard ominous music. *shudder*

    1. Were you hearing Hexxus' song, Toxic Love? hehe


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