Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bennachie - One of the Best Views Near Aberdeen, Scotland

While Randi and Adam were here in August, one of the places we visited was Bennachie. First, safety: Wear good shoes. Bring layers and a raincoat. Most importantly, I DO NOT advise doing this if it's raining or has been raining. You'll see.

When I asked them what their favorite things were about the trip, they both said that Bennachie was at the top... maybe number 1. The heather was in full bloom; the hills were painted in purple. I had to tweak the pictures a bit to get the purple to show up instead of the brown color recorded by the camera. One word to describe the hike at Bennachie? MARVELOUS. However, the first ascent was a b****. I'm not going to lie. Also, little kids were bouncing up that like hill rubber balls, so naturally I nearly suffocated myself trying to pretend I wasn't breathing with a little difficulty.
Bennachie Elevation Chart from Adam (thanks!)
The views were worth the work. We visited the main three hills, and the total distance was about 7 miles. We completed that in about 4 hours. Enjoy the photos, and don't forget to breathe as you browse. Click on the photos to view larger versions. Thanks Randi and Adam for additional photos!

This is all that's left of the colony.
We thought this was steep... Muah ha ha haaaaa...

The purple was amazing

Watch out for the 20 feet (6m) of rock going up to Mither Tap. I wouldn't advise this walk if it's rainy or wet.
Mither Tap

Top of Mither Tap

I got chased by wasps after this shot... lol

Adam looks fierce!

Luckily this went around us!

These smiles say, "Yeah.. we just came down from that..."

Top of Little Oxen Craig looking at Mither Tap


Going up Oxen Craig, Bennachie's highest peak at about 1760 ft (529m)

Remains of a Pictish Fort


Adam and me... almost to the top of Oxen Craig

Lunch break!

Talk about a view for a picnic!

We called these 'pancakes.' Probably formed via erosion.

Wow! Did we walk that far?

I think going down was the hardest.

Please. If you visit, prepare yourself to go here. You won't regret it, unless it rains. :o)


  1. Definitely #1. Dunnottar was a very close second...

    1. It's totally one of my favorites... wonder what it looks like in the snow...

  2. Wow, those pictures are incredible, I love the purple! I've now added this to my must do list when visiting :)


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