Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Activities and Restaurant Reviews

This weekend was really nice. Steve and I stayed in Friday night. I cooked dinner, and we rented a movie. We watched Mama.
I really liked it. It was a good, CREEPY story. This is one you could buy. Anyway, on Saturday we didn't do much. I hurt my foot so I was icing it periodically and trying to give it time to heal. We sat around watching movies, playing video games, and got out to take the dogs for a walk. We watched some great cult movies like Drop Dead Fred and then moved on to Major Payne. So funny!

This morning we got up and took some friends to Bennachie. It was their first hike here in Scotland. Those of you who have hiked Bennachie are probably thinking, "Dang! You threw them straight into the deep end!" It was great though. They said they enjoyed it and thought the views at the tops were worth it. We got so lucky with the weather. It was bright and sunny! I'll post pictures later. I'm so tired. We got fish and chips after the hike, and all that 'fried' with the work we did all afternoon just wiped out all of my energy. I slept on the couch for a bit curled up next to Steve and the dogs. Seriously, it was like a wave swept over me and buried me in a world of soft couches, warm blankets, and cuddly dogs... a place of no quick return. Now, I think it's time for a bath and some reading before giving in completely... or maybe I'm just finding more reasons to avoid walking up the stairs...


The Cock&Bull
This restaurant sits off the A90 near Balmedie. They take reservations, and when you arrive they'll ask if you'd like to first enjoy a few drinks in the lounge area. Cozy! The decor makes it very welcoming, and the staff were very friendly. The food was fantastic. Their cullen skink was some of the best I've ever tasted! Steve said the scallops appetizer was also really good. Everything was presented beautifully. The only drawback was the price. I wasn't expecting it to be so expensive! It wasn't like Perry's Steakhouse prices, but it was still more than I thought it would be. Just a heads up. All in all, I thought it was great!
Jewel In The Crown
This Indian restaurant was pretty good. It's found on Crown Street in Aberdeen. It's not a big place so I recommend reservations. They have a great menu and serve beer and wine. The naan bread is really good! Order more than one type! Again, the only drawback here was the price. Plates were mostly in the £15-£20 range (vegetarian dishes were cheaper), and that did NOT include rice for most dishes. The rice was separate and an additional cost. It's worth a visit.


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    1. Yeah.. it's yummy! The only thing I haven't really looked for is Vietnamese food. I need to get on that! I love pho.

  2. Drop Dead Fred is one of my favorite movies ever! Haven't seen it in years... Need to find a copy.


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