Thursday, September 19, 2013

Glamping at Loch Ness

"Glamping" is "glamorous camping" in a pod, or an armadilla, as they called it where we went. We went in August. The armadillas are really cute and cozy. There were fire pits outside and BBQs. Even though it was August, it was still a bit too chilly for us. We chose to cook inside their  BBQ hut, which was really cool! If you want a cheaper option for a place to stay, but don't want to be in a tent, this is a great option! They have glamping in other areas. Here is a link to where we stayed. They owners were so friendly and helpful. They sell firewood, charcoal, and matches there. The rooms have cups, plates, silverware, tea/coffee stuff, and some condiments. There is a small refrigerator as well. We loved it! 

We stopped in one of the small towns on the way to have lunch.

The Armadillas

We had to go see the neighbors

This sheep liked to scratch his head against my rings.

Back view

The BBQ Hut!

The owners have horses, and they train them.

Look! We found Nessie!

It was such a relaxing place! I highly recommend it for couples! I wish we could have stayed longer than one night there.


  1. This is hilariously cute! I may contact you for where it is!

    1. Hi Kristen! Here is a link to their website:

  2. We really had a great time! I want to go again.


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