Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Do You Feel About Birthdays?

I think birthdays are nice. It's one day where you ARE the reason people are celebrating...just because you were born! How cool is that? Birthdays are a good way (with proper planning) to give you a boost in happiness. I feel like throughout life we begin by looking forward to birthdays, enter a phase where we don't care about birthdays, and then move toward reoccurring feelings of dread about birthdays. Perhaps after a certain age, people seem to not really care any more? I wish to be able to always view birthdays as an occasion to celebrate. To remember that I was given one more year with people I love. That I was given another chance to see and do amazing things. One more year to carry out God's plan. And one more year to love more every day. Today is Steve's birthday. It is the 10th birthday I have been blessed to celebrate with him. We had a great time with friends this past weekend, and we even put his family and some close friends on Skype to sing Happy Birthday to him while I lit the candles on his cake tonight.

We ate dinner at Rustico. It was good, but I like Mi Amore better. ;)

Me, Falene, and Pam (who didn't realize she was in the picture...it was loud in there, and she couldn't hear us.. hehe)

Ana and Dan

One of Steve's favorite pubs

And now the silliness starts.. haha

Look... I can stick out my tongue like Miley Cyrus

This was a GIANT beer bottle.  It was for the entire group. :)

But we all thought it was fun to take pictures with it....

Thanks for a great night!

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