Monday, September 30, 2013

Mushrooms in Aberdeen

My friend, Lo, has recently started learning more about mushrooms. She's been learning to identify them so that she can harvest and cook them up all yummy and stuff. She asked what kinds of mushrooms could be found here, so I took a few pictures while I was out today. One picture was taken a week or so ago on another walk. This is for you, Lo. Maybe you can figure out what they are. Or maybe somebody else reading this will know. At any rate, they are interesting to see.

These ones were so tiny, it was hard to get a good picture. Compare to the small blades of grass to get an idea of how little they are!


  1. I actually saw a straight up toadstool mushroom in Johnson Gardens this week. Like Toad from Super Mario Brothers. Full on red with white spots. Cutest mushroom I ever did see:)

  2. The first one looks like a russula of some sort...most likely not edible. The ones with the spongy bottoms look like boletes or slippery jacks. A lot of those are edible, you should get a Scotland mushroom book and look them up!
    No idea what the last two are. Isn't it fun how you start seeing more mushrooms once you start looking for them? Especially in coastal climates, they are freaking everywhere!
    The toadstool mushroom that Laine mentioned, I do recognize. It's a fly amanita, used by many for it's hallucinogenic properties...although toxic and unpredictable. Super cute mushroom, though.


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