Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where should we go for a holiday during winter?

Steve and I are thinking about taking a trip this winter, for just us. We've been considering a Mediterranean cruise, the Maldives, or one of the islands off the coast of Spain. Any suggestions?

We really need some time to just be together. When we go on vacations for just the two of us, we don't like busy schedules. We enjoy being laid back. We like good food and beautiful surroundings. We like to get out and see things, but we really don't care if it's marvelous buildings or marvelous landscapes. We can appreciate either, but don't want too much of just one... if that makes sense. A comfortable place to stay is a MUST. We aren't looking for cheap, but we aren't looking to commit our firstborn. We prefer to stay at a B&B. We like to sleep in. I hate getting up early when I'm supposed to be relaxing (unless it's for food). I don't want to miss out on an entire day, but I don't want to be up before 10AM every single day. Call me crazy, but I believe that some holidays are taken to relax. Some are to explore and learn... some are to relax. Steve doesn't like crowds. He can deal with them occasionally, but if he has to deal with it for the entire duration of the holiday, we will both be miserable. So now fellow travelers, what do you recommend? I can't wait to hear about any exciting places or exciting experiences you have regarding the three trips I mentioned above!




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  1. Well, I don't have a lot of experience in those places personally. However, the parents have been a couple cruises, and I think with the aforementioned dislike of crowds all the time you should maybe stay away from cruising. Also, the port towns you put in to are designed for the cruise ship crowds and, from what I understand it can get pretty crazy.
    You know what I would recommend? (kind of along the lines of a Mediterranean cruise) Go check out a Greek island...Santorini is beautiful, laid back, and there is a great archeological site to explore.


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